Food and Wine

Wine is an integral part of any great meal, and Bridlewood wines are the perfect match for any cuisine.

Food and wine go hand-in-hand. Our range of Bridlewood wines complement a variety of fare, from simple summer salads to seafood and braised meats.

Remember, there are no set rules for pairing food and wine. It's really a matter of taste - your taste. As a general guideline, consider flavors, textures and acidity when creating a food and wine pairing. You may want to match heartier foods with a full-bodied wine, or you might try contrasting savory cuisine with a sweet wine. Simply follow your palate and your preferences.

Whether you're hosting a picnic or a dinner party, wine can enhance your menu and make a delicious meal unforgettable. Choose a Bridlewood wine for your next gathering, and try some of our Central Coast-inspired recipes.